Model Y Roof Sunshades

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Revolutionize your driving experience with our brand new, innovative roof sunshades.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris S.
Best roof shade I have found

The fit is perfect and there is absolutely no sag! Well made.

Great sunshade!

The sunshade is sturdy and stays in place. VION sent a generous amount of plastic clips to ensure a perfect installation.

David P.
Roof shade

Nice! Looks like it came from the factory like that. Very happy with the product

Manny S.
Best sun shade for model y

This sun shade is what we’ve all needed. It matches the headliner color almost exactly and fits snugly. Since it’s in two pieces and the framing is pretty thick compared to other sunshades, this one does not sag in the middle of the roof and if you roll the windows down, it doesn’t pop out place from wind whipping up under it like other sun shades I’ve tried. In the California sun, this is a must have to keep the interior dramatically cooler. At almost half the cost of other sun shades I’ve tried, this is by far the best product available.

H C.
Perfect fit sun shield for my Model Y.

This sunshield fits the Model Y and clips in place. It provides a better reflection of the sun and a cooler cabin. It is superior to a product I had for my Model 3.

Phat D.
vion roof shade

Works great. Only small issues are the clips. They are not easy to clip on to the shade and not easy to attach to the tesla window sills.

Perfect fit for purpose.

Perfect fi and easy to install. Definitely cooler in summer with it being installed.

Thi Q.B.
Y sun shade

It doesn’t fit properly, over lapping in the middle.

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. Please apply gentle force to align the middle part, ensuring that the two pieces do not overlap after installed. By default, the two pieces may overlap when assembled, but with gentle force, you can align the middle part to ensure they do not overlap. This adjustment is essential for securing the sunshade stably onto the roof.

If you encounter any difficulties aligning the two pieces, please don't hesitate to reach out to If possible, sharing a video demonstrating the alignment issue would be greatly appreciated and helpful for troubleshooting.

Cheryl L.
Love the shade

The Model Y roof sunshades are wonderful. They are so easy to install provided you watch a video. It took us less than 10 minutes. The color is perfect!

quality material, fits seamless, easy installation.

good quality material and fits seamless, easy installation.